10 the Hard Way

Mizuno Champs June 2013_2The Sharks came away with the first place trophy at the NSA Mizuno Championship in Ocoee FL!  It is their tenth first place in a dozen tournaments.  They earned, and I mean earned this championship the hard way.  Every game was harder than concrete and a battle to the end.

To digress slightly, hopefully there are at least three of you out there who get my 1970s reference to the classic but bad 70s action flick, ‘Three the Hard Way’ starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, and Jim Kelly.  Check out this incredibly bad fight scene.  It really is a LOL moment.

Okay, enough reminiscing.  Back to softball.  This tournament was supposed to be a two-seeding, double elimination tournament.  But thunder, lightning and a monsoon got in the way on Saturday afternoon.  Luckily, all seeding games were finished.  The second day ended up being a single elimination tournament so as to avoid the possibility of a rain delay.

Oh by the way, did you know that you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a Great White Shark?  Ask Coach Jason.  He got a nice zinger from a thunderbolt as he was touching the metal fence that surrounded the dugout.  I think his hair stood up on end like Don King.  Just kidding; but it woulda been funny if it did.  Actually, lightning scares the bejesus outta me.

Let’s get to the games.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 3-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over the Diamonds00 6-5 (seeding)
  • Sharks over the Diamonds00 4-3 (elimination)
  • Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 4-0 (elimination)
  • Sharks over the Rock 7-2 (Championship)

Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 3-2 (seeding)

The Sharks jumped on Lady County Lady Canes early on its way to a 3-2 win on Saturday in four innings, scoring three runs in the first inning.  It was a good day at the plate for the Sharks’ Taylor. Taylor went 1-2, drove in one and scored one run. She tripled in the first inning.  Brandi had a solid day on the rubber allowing no runs and keeping the Canes batters off-kilter for much of the game.

Sharks over the Diamonds00 6-5 (seeding)

Brandi had a strong game at the plate and in the circle.  She racked up two RBIs on one hit with a double in the first inning.  The Diamonds made a furious comeback after falling behind 6-0.  However, the Sharks held on to a very close win.  Mia had 2 hits while Brooke, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor Sami, Brandi, Anna and Lindsey each had one.  The Sharks outhit the Diamonds 10-5.

Sharks over the Diamonds00 4-3 (elimination)

Taco went 1-2, helping the Sharks to a 4-3 victory over Diamonds00 in the first elimination game.  She doubled in the third inning.  The Diamonds jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in the top of the second with a three run HR by #10.  But the Sharks captured the lead for good in the third, scoring four runs on a two-run double by Taco, a fielder’s choice, and an RBI single by Brookie.  Mia, Taco, Brookie, Brandi and AJ each managed one hit.

Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 4-0 (elimination)

This was an odd game in that the Sharks only had 2 innings at-bat.   As the home team, they scored 3 runs in the first and one in the second.  Brandi pitched a one-hitter with three Ks.  Brookie had the hot bat with 2 hits while Mia and Lindsey each got one apiece.

Sharks over the Rock 7-2 (Championship)

The Sharks beat Rock 7-2 Sunday behind the pitching of Brandi and Taylor (came in to relieve).  Taylor reached base two times (a walk and a hit).  The Rock had the lead 2-1 going into the 4th inning.  And it was the 4th inning in which the Sharks had an explosion of offense scoring four runs.  First up, Taylor gets on base on a walk.  Brandi then hits the ball to third and makes it safely to 1st on a fielder’s choice with Taylor safe at 2nd.  Sami then hits a line drive single to left field (Happy Birthday Sami!) which advances Brandi to 2nd and Taylor to 3rd.  Taylor then scores as does Brandi on an error.  Anna gets on base on an error.  Lindsey singles a line drive to centerfield advancing Sami and Anna.  Ultimately, the coup de grace was when Taco hits a fly ball double to centerfield scoring both Mia and Brookie.  In the end, Mia contributed 2 hits while Brookie, Taco, Taylor, Sami and Lindsey each had one. Game Over.  Sharks Win!

ESPN Highlights

  • Taco’s 2 run double to seal the deal in the Championship Game.
  • Brandi’s pitching in each of the five games of the weekend.
  • Taylor’s save in the Championship Game.
  • Mia and Brooke had the hot bats.  They accounted for 38% of all the Hits.



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