A BellyAche of a Loss

The USSSA League finally wrapped up with the Sharks losing in the Championship game to the Boca Banshees in a helluva close game.  The 10-9 final score was filled with big hits, great defensive plays, and some horrendous errors as well.  The game itself was certainly fun to watch from a fan’s point of view.  Back and forth hits between the Sharks and Banshees turned heads as often as a Wimbledon tennis match.

Perhaps the most memorable ‘play’ involved the Banshees 10th player on the field.  Yep.  You didn’t know that the Banshees had a 10th fielder.  Let me count ‘em.  Pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, LF, CF, RF…oh yeah…Abe the ump; aka the ‘rover.’  Abe made the game-saving defensive play of the day for the Banshees. In fact, Abe didn’t even need a glove.

With Chelsea up to bat and runners in scoring position, she hits that ball harder than a screen door in a hurricane.  It’s a line drive smash that hits a gap and is likely a triple.  Oh but wait.  Something amazing happens.  There is no gap.  Abe makes a spectacular play and stops the ball.  Sans glove!  Hits him right in the umbilicus (that’s belly button for you non-biology majors) and the ball just drops next to the shortstop.  Heck, the SS nearly throws Chelsea out at 1st.  That my friends is the ESPN Bizarre Play of the Day.

The Box Score

  • Sharks tie Weston Explosion 3-3
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 5-4
  • Dusters Black over Sharks 2-0
  • Sharks over Weston Explosion 6-5
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 12-2
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 9-0
  • Sharks over Boca Banshees 2-1
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 15-0
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 4-2
  • Banshees over Sharks 10-9 (Championship)

Summary of the Last 2 Games

Sharks over Dusters Black 4-2

An early boost from Brooke helped the Sharks get past Dusters Black, 4-2. Taco racked up two RBIs on one hit for the Sharks.  She hit a GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN in the first inning, pretty much sealing the deal for the Sharks.

Boca Banshees over Sharks 10-9

The Sharks lost the battle of the bats falling short in a 10-9 ballgame against Boca Banshees. Taco racked up three RBIs on two hits for the Sharks.  She doubled in the first inning and tripled in the second inning.  The Boca Banshees was sparked by #13 and #14, who teamed up for five hits and two RBIs.  The Boca Banshees jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in the top of the first with errors made by the Sharks. The Sharks managed to climb back with an 8-8 tie in the last inning.  The first batter of the Banshees got on base on an error.  Eventually, the Banshees scored the winning runs in the last inning.  The Sharks were not out of it though.  With runners on 1st and 2nd and one out, Taylor hits a line drive smash to center.  It looks like a possible HR.  But the Banshees pull of an incredible double play to end the game.  Hats off to the Banshees.

Offensive MPV Honors – Jordyn ‘Taco’ Griffith – batting average of .714 during league play

Honorable mention (Batting) – Brookie, Mia, Taylor, Marley and Lindsey

Taco rounding 2nd - A GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN!

Taco rounding 2nd – A GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN!

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