An AfterShocker at the Diamond Duel

1653839_621587254561846_1809919587_nHmmm. Second place. Always the bridesmaid. Or perhaps it’s ground hog day. The Sharks had a dreadful first inning against the Orlando Aftershock in the Championship game. Allowing nine runs against a team like the Aftershock would be like fighting a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu with one arm tied behind your back. WTH! I think the Sharks’ bats were overdosed on Ambien because they didn’t wake up until the waning moments of the game. Next time, no Ambien. Red Bull for everyone! The Aftershock are one of the very best teams, period. If you bring your B game, you’ll get your butt handed to you. The competition in Florida is to say the least, outstanding. The Aftershock, Dusters 2000, Florida Fire and the Jacksonville Storm are the teams to contend with. Playing the best teams can only strengthen the Sharks.

The Box Score
Aftershock over the Sharks 7-3
Sharks over the Clearwater Bullets 9-1
Sharks over Diamonds 10-5
Sharks over Diamonds 10-4 (bracket play)
Aftershock over Sharks 13-8 (Championship)

Aftershock over Sharks 7-3
Chelsea did all she could to give the Sharks a boost, but it wasn’t enough to get past Orlando Aftershock, as the Sharks lost 7-3 in four innings. Chelsea went 1-1 and scored one run. She doubled in the first inning. The Orlando Aftershock never surrendered the lead after the first inning, scoring one run on an RBI single by #15. Orlando Aftershock piled on six more runs in the bottom of the second. The Sharks scored three runs in the top of the fourth to cut its deficit to five. A steal of home by Chelsea and an RBI single by Marley gave the Sharks some life but it was too little too late. This was an omen of things to come.

Sharks over Bullets 9-1
The Sharks outhit the Bullets 12-4 in an amazing offensive burst of speed and power. Chelsea racked up two RBIs on two hits. She singled in the first inning and tripled in the second inning. After posting two runs in the second, the Sharks again scored two in the fifth. In the second, scored on a two-run triple by Chelsea, scoring Brandi and Mia. Two hits apiece were provided by Lindsey, Marley, Taylor and Chelsea.

Sharks over Diamonds 10-5
This was the first of two collisions between the Sharks and Diamonds. The outcome was eerily similar. Despite 3 errors by the Sharks, they managed to have a fifth inning barrage of runs to pull away from the Diamonds in a closely fought contest. Taylor had the hot bat of the game going 3-3. Marley contributed 2 hits while Lindsey Mia, Anna and Chelsea each had one.

Sharks over Diamonds 10-4
With 10 runs in the first three innings, the Sharks left no doubt about the eventual outcome. Taco was hot from the plate for the Sharks as she went 2-2, drove in one and scored two runs. This was the second outing versus the Diamonds that Brandi (pitcher) pulled off a win.

Aftershock over Sharks 13-8
The Sharks lost a battle of the bats, falling short in a 13-8 ballgame against Orlando Aftershock. Mia went a perfect 3-3 at the plate. She tripled in the third inning and singled in the first and fourth innings. Orlando Aftershock stayed on top until the final out after taking the lead in the first, scoring nine runs on three doubles, a fielder’s choice, and two singles. Three runs in the bottom of the fourth helped the Sharks close its deficit to 13-8. An RBI double by Sami, an RBI single by Brandi, and a sacrifice fly by Chelsea gave the Sharks a glimmer of hope. But alas, it wasn’t enough. Game over.

MVP of the Tournament
Brandi Antonio pitched 15.5 innings over the 5-game tourney.

Brandi pitching to the Aftershock


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