Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Sharks fell short at NSA States losing to the two teams that made it to the Championship game (Dusters and Aftershock with Dusters eventually beating the Aftershock 5-4).  In what was perhaps their best hitting display in recent history, it was the Sharks defense that didn’t perform well enough to beat two of the best teams in the state.  It’s sort of like a boxer displaying his best offense with hooks, jabs and uppercuts.  Oh but the other side of boxing is defense; you gotta stick and move.  Feint, parry, duck and avoid the hits as well.  The Sharks definitely did the ‘sticking’ part, just not so much the ‘moving’ part.  Stick and move; stick and move.

Nevertheless, the Sharks showed a lot of heart and fighting spirit throughout the tournament.  In what was perhaps their ‘best’ game in the tournament (i.e. it ain’t over till the fat lady sings), the Sharks overcame enormous odds to eventually beat the Rock.

Let’s just say that game started out about as well as sour milk in a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Yeah exactly.  Pretty bad.  The Rock scored 5 runs in the first inning.  They had a bunt, a line drive to CF, a walk, a single, and on top of that, the Sharks provided two errors.  Not a good way to start.  The Sharks battled back in the bottom of the first with two runs of their own.  Mia hit a single followed by a sac bunt by Brookie moving Mia to 2nd.  Chelsea singled to CF scoring Mia and then Taco and Taylor singled (eventually scoring Chelsea).

Nothing happened in the second inning.  Both teams were held scoreless.

The top of the 3rd showed the Rock scoring one more run making it now 6-2.  But it was the bottom of the third that showed that it ain’t over till it’s over.  Chelsea was first at bat and had a reach on error to get on first.  Taco also got on base on an error.  Taylor then hit a nice single to CF scoring Chelsea and advancing Taco (score now is 6-3).  Brandi also had a reach on error.  Lindsey hit a line drive single to RF eventually scoring Brandi (score now is 6-5 with two outs).  Anna singled to RF eventually scoring Lindsey.  And in perhaps the best clutch hit of the day, AJ hits a deep line drive double to CF scoring Anna (Sharks now lead 7-6).  Mia had then got on first on an error.  Brookie had a bunt single that scored AJ (Sharks leading 8-6).

And that’s how the game ended.  The start was rougher than an atomic wedgie.  But the end was sweeter than sugar.

The Box Score (from last game to first game)

  • Aftershock over Sharks 7-1
  • Sharks over Wildfire 12-9
  • Dusters over Sharks 7-0
  • Sharks over Wildfire 11-3
  • Sharks over Stingrays Red 6-2
  • Sharks over Rock 8-6
  • Sharks over Bombers 9-2

Hits versus opponent

  • Sharks – Aftershock 6 to 5
  • Sharks – Wildfire 15 to 5
  • Sharks – Dusters 7 to 5
  • Sharks – Wildfire 12 to 6
  • Sharks -  Stingrays Red 10 to 4
  • Sharks – Rock 9 to 5
  • Sharks – Bombers 8 to 1

Sharks NSA States June 2013

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