The Third….errr…the Fourth Times a Charm as the Sharks Win the Santa Slam 4 Years in a Row

The Box Score

Sharks over the Cruisers Green 7-0 (seeding) Sharks over Weston Red-White-Blue 18-0 (seeding) Sharks tied Dusters Black 2-2 (seeding) Sharks over Wellington Wild 6-0 (bracket) Sharks over Lady Bandits 13-1 (bracket) Sharks over Coral Springs Panthers 11-0 (Championship game)

The Deerfield Sharks had one of their very best tournament outings outscoring their [...]

Sharks Repeat as Champions in the Weston November Knockout Tournament

The Deerfield Beach Sharks repeated as Champions at the Weston November Knockout tournament this past weekend.  The Sharks started off this tournament with an embarrassing display of lackluster softball getting their tails handed to them by the Weston Explosion.  To say they played bad would be an insult to bad.  On top of that, birds [...]

Ready, Set, Wait…Go Home.

Chelsea hits an over the fence HR

I was about to write a Shark story.  But then a day went by.  And then I got up early again.  I figured I’d start it on day two. Sigh.

Apparently, tournament organizers are unaware that having young teenagers get up at 5am two days in a row is as close to cruel and unusual [...]

A BellyAche of a Loss

The USSSA League finally wrapped up with the Sharks losing in the Championship game to the Boca Banshees in a helluva close game.  The 10-9 final score was filled with big hits, great defensive plays, and some horrendous errors as well.  The game itself was certainly fun to watch from a fan’s point of view.  [...]

Congrats on a successful 12UA Season!

Karla and I would like to thank the Sharks for an amazing season.  The Sharks entered 18 tournaments this year.  They earned 1st place in 10 of them and runner up in 3.  Overall, a pretty darn good season.

To top it off, the parents were super-supportive of the team and our efforts into whipping [...]

Bring it on Big Boy

Lindsey had the hot bat of the weekend with a 0.600 average.

The Sharks brought their big boy pants to the USSSA State Tournament; wait, let’s start over.  The Sharks played like brain-dead robots on day 1.  Got outplayed by the Dusters on day 2.  But on day 3, played their little Shark hearts [...]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Sharks fell short at NSA States losing to the two teams that made it to the Championship game (Dusters and Aftershock with Dusters eventually beating the Aftershock 5-4).  In what was perhaps their best hitting display in recent history, it was the Sharks defense that didn’t perform well enough to beat two of the [...]

Sharks Get Stuck in the Swamp

After a start that was faster than Japanese Bullet Train, the Sharks fizzled to a dead stop and were eliminated in an unsightly fashion by the Coral Springs Panthers in the second elimination game.  It was the first time the Sharks lost to the Panthers-Kramer in their history.  If you watched the Panther’s cheering section, [...]

10 the Hard Way

The Sharks came away with the first place trophy at the NSA Mizuno Championship in Ocoee FL!  It is their tenth first place in a dozen tournaments.  They earned, and I mean earned this championship the hard way.  Every game was harder than concrete and a battle to the end.

To digress slightly, hopefully there [...]

On Any Given Sunday…

The Sharks regularly play at the Briana Marie Cox tournament.  It’s for a good cause and it’s a shame more teams don’t join us for this great local event.  The Sharks actually played ‘near perfect’ ball except for one inning (I’ll get to that later).  You know the old adage, ‘on an given Sunday.’  Yep.  [...]