On Any Given Sunday…

The Sharks regularly play at the Briana Marie Cox tournament.  It’s for a good cause and it’s a shame more teams don’t join us for this great local event.  The Sharks actually played ‘near perfect’ ball except for one inning (I’ll get to that later).  You know the old adage, ‘on an given Sunday.’  Yep.  On this Sunday, the Sharks did a Jekyll and Hyde after outscoring their opponents 31 to zero in seeding.  But then again, the only game that you need to win is your last.  And the Sharks came up shorter than a dwarf in the NBA.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over Firestix 10-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Panthers-Kramer 11-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Stingrays01 10-0 (seeding)
  • Stingrays01 over Sharks 9-8 (elimination)


Sharks over Firestix

Taylor threw a perfect game in the Sharks 10-0 victory over the Chobee Firestix-12. No Chobee Firestix-12 batter was able to locate Taylor ‘s pitches during the game. Taylor threw a no-hitter, striking out four batters and walking none. The Sharks managed 6 hits (one apiece from Brooke, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor, Brandi and Anna).  It wasn’t even a remotely close game.

Sharks over Panthers-Kramer

Brandi threw a no-hitter against Panthers-Kramer. The Sharks bats came to life in the fourth inning. Brookie had the hot bat of the tournament going 3 for 3 at the plate.  Both Sami and Chelsea each had 2 hits while Anna and Mia each got one.  Brookie racked up three RBIs on three hits for the Sharks. She singled in the first, second, and fourth innings.

Sharks over Stingrays01

Chelsea racked up three RBIs on one hit for the Sharks with a triple in the second inning. The game was never in doubt after the first inning because they scored four runs on a three-run triple by Sami. The Sharks outhit the Stingrays01 8-4.  Brookie and Mia each got 2 hits while Chelsea, Sami, Anna and AJ each got one.  Despite the blowout score, the following day would lend credence to the notion that on any given day, you can be beat.

Stingrays01 over Sharks

The Sharks lost to the Stingrays01 in three innings despite racking up five hits and eight runs. The Stingrays01 started off the first inning with a barrage of runs (9 total) that were the result of odd hits, good baserunning, and rare errors by the Sharks.  Interestingly, the Sharks were never down for the count and managed a ‘close but not close enough’ comeback and eventually fell short 8-9.  The Miami Stingrays 01 was sparked by #33 and #34 who teamed up for three hits and four RBIs.  The Stingrays01 are a fundamentally sound team and it would have been nice if we could have played just one more inning. Just one more… :-)

Brookie had the hot bat for the Sharks (batted 0.800).

Brookie had the hot bat for the Sharks (batted 0.800).

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