The Third….errr…the Fourth Times a Charm as the Sharks Win the Santa Slam 4 Years in a Row

The Box Score

  • Sharks over the Cruisers Green 7-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Weston Red-White-Blue 18-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks tied Dusters Black 2-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Wellington Wild 6-0 (bracket)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 13-1 (bracket)
  • Sharks over Coral Springs Panthers 11-0 (Championship game)

The Deerfield Sharks had one of their very best tournament outings outscoring their opponents 57-3.  Tournament director Stephen Schiller had mentioned last year how only three teams in the history of the Santa Slam tournament had three-peated.  Well Mr Sharks team Santa Slam 2013Schiller, you can re-write the history books on the Santa Slam and put the Sharks as the only team to win it four times in a row.  Let’s face it; winning any tournament is difficult.  Winning it four years in a row is as difficult as finding a pic of Miley Cyrus where we don’t see her tongue.  All I know is she needs an Orabrush tongue cleaner.  What is that white stuff anyway?  Ewww…

Sharks over Cruisers Green 7-0

In the first seeding game, Brandi threw a no-hitter as the Sharks dominated the Cruisers 7-0.  The second inning was huge for the Sharks.  They scored four runs and then added three more in the third.

Sharks over Weston 18-0

The Sharks scored a touchdown and three field goals to win this football game.  Ooops, wrong sport.  In perhaps the most lopsided victory in Sharks’ history, the Sharks had 16 hits (to one for Weston) and scored 13 runs in the first inning alone.  Now I know this team was billed as the Weston Red.  However, with several Weston Black players on the team, they should be called Weston Maroon.  I think that’s what you get when you combine black and red.  Hey, I’m no artist.  Anyhow, six Sharks had two hits apiece (Marley, Taco, Chelsea, Sami, Brandi, and Jamie).  The play that stands out the most was an unfortunate one for the Weston pitcher.  Up the middle, down the middle.  This is why you don’t throw the ball over the plate.  Brandi smacked a line drive right into the rib of the Weston pitcher.  The ball came so fast that the pitcher didn’t have time to react to it.  We could hear the ‘thud’ of impact in the dugout.  That had to hurt a lot.  We hope she is okay.

Sharks tied Dusters Black 2-2

This game was actually stopped due to weather ending in a rather boring 2-2 tie.

Sharks over Wellington Wild 6-0

The Sharks beat Wellington Wild 6-0 in four innings after a five-run explosion in the third inning. Marley went 2-2, drove in one and scored two runs. She doubled in the first inning and singled in the third inning. Brandi kept the Wellington Wild off the scoreboard for all four innings she was on the rubber. She pitched a shutout, allowing no runs on three hits while striking out two.  The Sharks went up for good in the first, scoring one run on a sac fly by Taco.

Sharks over Lady Bandits 13-1

After a minor hiccup in the first inning, the Sharks rattled off 7 runs in the first, 2 in the second and 4 runs in the third inning to thrash the Lady Bandits.  Taylor kept the Bandits off-kilter while the Sharks’ batters played piñata with the softball.  The Sharks managed 11 hits off the Bandits.  The Sharks and Bandits have faced off five times this Fall.  The collective score from those five games is 52-6.

Sharks over the Panthers 11-0

This game was actually a 0-0 ballgame after 2 innings.  But it was the third inning in which the Sharks demonstrated just how quickly they can rack up the runs.  Chelsea and Lindsey led the way with 3 and 2 hits, respectively.  This was the fourth shut-out the Sharks recorded over the Santa Slam weekend.

ESPN Plays of the Day

  • Chelsea and Taco both had GO GET MY BALL HOME RUNS!
  • The Sharks collective batting average was 0.531 for the tournament.
  • AJ had a nice timely hit to centerfield with bases loaded against the Cruisers

AJ hits







Nice hit AJ!






Sharks Repeat as Champions in the Weston November Knockout Tournament

Nov KO 2013 Champions repeatThe Deerfield Beach Sharks repeated as Champions at the Weston November Knockout tournament this past weekend.  The Sharks started off this tournament with an embarrassing display of lackluster softball getting their tails handed to them by the Weston Explosion.  To say they played bad would be an insult to bad.  On top of that, birds were dropping bombs on players, parents and coaches.  A sign from above perhaps?  What’s the saying?  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Well in our case, “bird sh@# on your pants is worth a tournament win.”  I know.  It doesn’t really fit.  Nice try anyway.  :-)

Nonetheless, after a disastrous start giving up 7 runs to the Weston Explosion, the Sharks ran the table to win the next five games with a combined score of 35-5.  Now that my friends, is the Shark ball we’re used to seeing.  That’s right.  The Sharks gave up more runs in the first game then in the last 5 games combined.

Day 1 (seeding)

After a dismal first game, the Sharks came back with a dominating win over the Lady Bandits 8-2.  The Sharks had 10 hits with Marley (3 hits) and Chelsea (2 hits) leading the charge.  The second seeding game was an even better display of Shark ball.  The Mizuno Edge, who had previously knocked the Sharks out of the Disney USSSA World Series this past July, came more than ready to play.  They even skipped the coin flip and gave us the ‘home’ team.  Brandi pitched a few balls here, a few strikes here, and ended up with 7 Ks.  The exclamation mark of the game came at the bottom of the first.  Brookie got on base with a picture perfect bunt; actually it was a big-a@# swing that ended up as a bunt.  Either way, we’ll take it.  Taco hit a hard ground ball that was bobbled by the 2nd baseman moving Brookie to 2nd and getting Taco to 1st.  Chelsea had a nice fly ball single to CF, thus, loading the bases.  With Taylor up, bases loaded, this is every pitcher’s nightmare and batter’s dream.  Taylor, who had been in a slump over the past few tournaments, shook off the cobwebs and said to herself, “I’m gonna beat that ball like Mike Tyson beats a punching bag.”  Ok, she really didn’t say that.  Heck, I have no clue what teenage girls say to themselves.  Nor do I want to know.  Anyhow, her at-bat didn’t start off well.  It went like this: Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Strike looking.  Yikes!  That’s five pitches and she’s moved her bat about as much as a Sumo wrestler does cardio.  Here’s what subsequently happened as announced by a color commentator via ESPN:  “The score is 1-0 in favor of Mizuno.  And we have a full count.  Mizuno’s #9 ace better be careful.  With bases loaded, here comes the pitch.  It’s down and low.  Taylor hits it solid.  It’s going to centerfield.  It looks at least like a double.  Wait. No. No.  Yes! Yes!  It’s a GRAND SLAM! Denny’s would be proud! Grand Slam! Taylor T-Bone Cochrane of the Deerfield Beach Sharks just blasted that ball over the fence!  The Sharks take a 4-1 lead! Wow.  What a hit.”  After that it was Good Night Irene.

Day 2 (bracket play)

The Sharks started off bracket play with a win against the Lady Bandits 4-1.  It was a little sluggish for the Sharks.  The score didn’t reflect the 9 hits that the Sharks got.  Nevertheless, the win brought them one step closer to a showdown with Weston Explosion.  Weston had beaten the Sharks the last two times they had played.  Would this be the Sharks’ day?  Or would Weston serve the Sharks on a platter?

The way this game ended was as unusual and unexpected as finding a “I’m a vegan and proud of it” bumper sticker on a Ford F-150 pick up truck in Texas.  As the ‘away’ team, the Sharks’ bats were as a aggressive as a mama Grizzly bear.  With doubles by Chelsea, Lindsey, and Sami, and a single by Taylor, the Sharks racked up 5 runs in the first inning alone.  In the 2nd inning, singles by Marley, Taco, Chelsea, Taylor, and Lindsey helped kick to score to 9-0.  Brandi had only 24 pitches in the two innings of play.  Only six Weston players had a plate appearance.  The game ended in an odd fashion with Weston calling a ‘no mas, no mas.’  I guess that’s better than getting your ear chewed off.  (Side bar: If any Millennial or Generation Y kid gets the ‘no mas’ or ear being chewed off reference, I’ll buy ‘em a iPhone). jk :-)

And in the Championship game, the Sharks pulled off a close win over Dusters Black 5-1.  It was a close game that was tied 1-1 going into the 5th inning.  The Sharks scored 4 runs in the last 2 innings to sign, seal and deliver this win.  Two hits each by Marley and Taylor as well as a hit apiece by Chelsea, Mia, and Jamie was just enough to put the Sharks over the top.

Congrats to the Sharks for a hard fought tournament win!  Anna, Brookie, Marley, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor, Lindsey, Sami, Jamie, Brandi, and Munchie. AJ was with us in spirit.

The Box Score

  • Weston over the Sharks 7-3 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 8-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Mizuno Edge 9-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 4-1 (bracket play)
  • Sharks over Weston 9-0 (bracket play)
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 5-1 (Championship)

ESPN Players of the Tournament!

  • Taylor hit .571 with 7 RBIs which she signed, sealed and delivered with a Denny’s GRAND SLAM over the fence versus the Mizuno Edge.
  • Brandi’s resplendent performance on the rubber with 6 Ks in the Championship game.

Honorable Mention

Marley Felder and Chelsea Brown delivered 7 hits for the tournament

Plays of the Day

  • GRAND SLAM BABY – courtesy of Taylor
  • Throw from centerfielder Lindsey Garcia to Jamie Greenwood (catcher) to get the runner out at home plate.  And Lindsey’s backhanded catch at 2nd base.
  • Marley Felder’s outstanding catches at left field.
  • Taco’s diving grab at 1st base.

Taylors GRAND SLAM vs  Mizuno Nov KO 2013







Taylor’s GRAND SLAM!

Brandi pitching in Nov KO tourney 2013










Brandi had a great day on the rubber

Ready, Set, Wait…Go Home.

I was about to write a Shark story.  But then a day went by.  And then I got up early again.  I figured I’d start it on day two. Sigh.

Apparently, tournament organizers are unaware that having young teenagers get up at 5am two days in a row is as close to cruel and unusual punishment as you’ll get. Especially when the first day of play was exemplified by ‘READY, SET, WAIT, GO HOME.’    James Madison would be rolling over in his grave. ;-)

And when the Sharks finally got to play on day two, again play was delayed due to ‘field conditions.’  Mind you, everyone knew what the field conditions were like; it would be like jumping into a lake and exclaiming “oh my god, I’m wet.”

Not to mention the fact that half the teams played at least 2 hours of softball before they could even compete in bracket play are at a distinct disadvantage versus teams that were able to sleep in and have their Cheerios in a calm, collected, and vitamin-filled manner.  (Side Bar:  What really was irksome was that the teams that got to play on day 1 were those that had not paid ahead of time; go figure that one out).  If the point of tournaments is to teach young kids how to play softball (and winning is secondary), well then smack me on the back and call me Betty.  We could scrimmage other teams and save our money if we wanted that.  But besides that, the tournament was a smashing success.  And the Obamacare website works like a charm too.  :-)

But anyhooooo…the Sharks played at times with the grace of Mikhail Barishnikov and the power of Mike Tyson, but in the end, the Weston Explosion beat ‘em with real bats while the Sharks’ used wiffle bats.  To say that the Sharks came out in semi-final play flatter than a can of day old Coca Cola would be an understatement.

The first three games the Sharks played were overall B to A+ performances.  But the last game of the day was a solid C- performance.  Yikes.  That stinks.  Forget Harvard.  That’s JUCO material.

Game 1 – Sharks over Dusters Black 2-1

In a rather blasé game, the Sharks eeked out a 2-1 win over the Dusters Black.  Barely out-hitting the Dusters Black 3-2
(hits by Mia, Brandi, and Anna), this game had about as much action as watching a cat litter box.

Game 2 – Sharks over Coral Springs Panthers 9-2

After the pedestrian performance in game 1, the Sharks each took a big swig of Red Bull and came out ready to fly!  Ok.  Not really. However, they did finally start to hit. A five-run explosion in the third inning carried the Sharks a 9-2 win in three innings over the Coral Springs Panthers Taco racked up two RBIs on two hits.  She singled in the first inning and homered in the third inning.  The lead stayed with Sharks after the first, when it scored four runs on an RBI single by Marley (aka Marla, aka Mar Mar)  and a three-run triple by Chelsea. Overall, the Sharks racked up 10 hits. Marley and Taco each led the team with two hits each; one hit was contributed by Mia, Taylor, Brookie, Lindsey, Chelsea and Sami.

Game 3 – Sharks over Pines Thunder 12-0

In what can only be described as a lopsided victory, the Sharks rattled off 11 hits with contributions from virtually the entire team. Three Sharks smacked 2 hits apiece (Chelsea, Anna, and AJ) while a single hit was contributed by Brooke, Taco, Taylor, Lindsey and Brandi.  Pines Thunder managed a grand total of zero hits.  Ouch.

Game 4 – Weston Explosion over the Sharks 9-2

Sami went 2 for 2 at the plate, but the Sharks had their fins handed to them by the Weston Explosion.  Weston outhit the Sharks 12-6 (which is the first time in a long time the Sharks have actually been outhit).  Hand it to Weston.  Gaby pitched a great game keeping the Sharks’ batters off-kilter much of the time.  For the Sharks, Brookie, Chelsea, Lindsey and AJ had one hit apiece.

Sharks ESPN Plays of the Day


Lindsey’s in-the-park HOME RUN!

Mia Veliz’s TRIPLE!

Chelsea hits an over the fence HR







Chelsea blasts an over-the-fence Home Run!

Lindsey HR Coconut Creek tourney Nov 2013







Lindsey rounding 1st on her way to a Home Run!

Mia Triple Coconut creeek Nov 2013







Mia hits a nice TRIPLE.

Sharks Dusters pic Coconut Creek Nov 2013




A BellyAche of a Loss

The USSSA League finally wrapped up with the Sharks losing in the Championship game to the Boca Banshees in a helluva close game.  The 10-9 final score was filled with big hits, great defensive plays, and some horrendous errors as well.  The game itself was certainly fun to watch from a fan’s point of view.  Back and forth hits between the Sharks and Banshees turned heads as often as a Wimbledon tennis match.

Perhaps the most memorable ‘play’ involved the Banshees 10th player on the field.  Yep.  You didn’t know that the Banshees had a 10th fielder.  Let me count ‘em.  Pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, LF, CF, RF…oh yeah…Abe the ump; aka the ‘rover.’  Abe made the game-saving defensive play of the day for the Banshees. In fact, Abe didn’t even need a glove.

With Chelsea up to bat and runners in scoring position, she hits that ball harder than a screen door in a hurricane.  It’s a line drive smash that hits a gap and is likely a triple.  Oh but wait.  Something amazing happens.  There is no gap.  Abe makes a spectacular play and stops the ball.  Sans glove!  Hits him right in the umbilicus (that’s belly button for you non-biology majors) and the ball just drops next to the shortstop.  Heck, the SS nearly throws Chelsea out at 1st.  That my friends is the ESPN Bizarre Play of the Day.

The Box Score

  • Sharks tie Weston Explosion 3-3
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 5-4
  • Dusters Black over Sharks 2-0
  • Sharks over Weston Explosion 6-5
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 12-2
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 9-0
  • Sharks over Boca Banshees 2-1
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 15-0
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 4-2
  • Banshees over Sharks 10-9 (Championship)

Summary of the Last 2 Games

Sharks over Dusters Black 4-2

An early boost from Brooke helped the Sharks get past Dusters Black, 4-2. Taco racked up two RBIs on one hit for the Sharks.  She hit a GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN in the first inning, pretty much sealing the deal for the Sharks.

Boca Banshees over Sharks 10-9

The Sharks lost the battle of the bats falling short in a 10-9 ballgame against Boca Banshees. Taco racked up three RBIs on two hits for the Sharks.  She doubled in the first inning and tripled in the second inning.  The Boca Banshees was sparked by #13 and #14, who teamed up for five hits and two RBIs.  The Boca Banshees jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in the top of the first with errors made by the Sharks. The Sharks managed to climb back with an 8-8 tie in the last inning.  The first batter of the Banshees got on base on an error.  Eventually, the Banshees scored the winning runs in the last inning.  The Sharks were not out of it though.  With runners on 1st and 2nd and one out, Taylor hits a line drive smash to center.  It looks like a possible HR.  But the Banshees pull of an incredible double play to end the game.  Hats off to the Banshees.

Offensive MPV Honors – Jordyn ‘Taco’ Griffith – batting average of .714 during league play

Honorable mention (Batting) – Brookie, Mia, Taylor, Marley and Lindsey

Taco rounding 2nd - A GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN!

Taco rounding 2nd – A GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN!

Congrats on a successful 12UA Season!

Karla and I would like to thank the Sharks for an amazing season.  The Sharks entered 18 tournaments this year.  They earned 1st place in 10 of them and runner up in 3.  Overall, a pretty darn good season.

To top it off, the parents were super-supportive of the team and our efforts into whipping them into Shark-shape.

So again, THANK YOU Sharks – Mia, Lindsey, Brookie, Chelsea, Taylor, Taco, Brandi, Sami, Anna, AJ and Karissa!

And we’d like to thank our guest players too!  Elle (aka Hobo), Jamie, Kimiya, Marisa, Jocelyn and Katelynn.

Sharks NSA States June 2013

World Series team pic






























team pic of winter storm showcase win














Bring it on Big Boy

Lindsey USSSA States best bat of the weekend

Lindsey had the hot bat of the weekend with a 0.600 average.

The Sharks brought their big boy pants to the USSSA State Tournament; wait, let’s start over.  The Sharks played like brain-dead robots on day 1.  Got outplayed by the Dusters on day 2.  But on day 3, played their little Shark hearts out winning four in a row in impressive fashion only to run out of gas in their fifth game of the day.

In the end, the fatigue from playing umpteen games in one day just was too much.  However, it was the string of four impressive victories on Day 3 that showed just how good the Sharks can be when they’re firing on all cylinders.  In the four games against the Force, Bucked Up (still can’t believe someone gave this name to a softball team), Dusters Black, and Wellington Wild, the Sharks racked up 39 hits versus 5.  They outscored their opponents 29-1.  Taylor and Brandi pitched some amazing games allowing zero earned runs.  This is typical Shark ball.

However, the fifth game vs the Thunder showed how fickle this game can be.  The Sharks mustered only two hits.  There’s just no way to win a game off two hits.

There were many notable performances in the tournament.  Lindsey Garcia had the hot bat of the weekend with 12 hits, 3 RBIs and a batting average tops at 0.600.  Brookie had 10 hits while Chelsea and Sami each had 9 hits.  Taco of course had her typical Go Get My Ball bombs to the outfield.

Next stop for the Sharks:  USSSA World Series at Disney!

The Box Score

  • Day 1 – Sharks over Ft Myer Force 11-4 (seeding)
  • Day 1 – Quicksilver over the Sharks 4-1 (seeding)
  • Day 2 – Dusters 2000 over the Sharks 8-5 (elimination)
  • Day 3 – Sharks over Ft Myer Force 8-0 (elimination)
  • Day 3 – Sharks over Bucked Up 01 7-1 (elimination)
  • Day 3 – Sharks over Dusters Black 3-0 (elimination)
  • Day 3 – Sharks over Wellington Wild 11-0 (elimination)
  • Day 3 – Thunder over Sharks 3-1 (elimination)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Sharks fell short at NSA States losing to the two teams that made it to the Championship game (Dusters and Aftershock with Dusters eventually beating the Aftershock 5-4).  In what was perhaps their best hitting display in recent history, it was the Sharks defense that didn’t perform well enough to beat two of the best teams in the state.  It’s sort of like a boxer displaying his best offense with hooks, jabs and uppercuts.  Oh but the other side of boxing is defense; you gotta stick and move.  Feint, parry, duck and avoid the hits as well.  The Sharks definitely did the ‘sticking’ part, just not so much the ‘moving’ part.  Stick and move; stick and move.

Nevertheless, the Sharks showed a lot of heart and fighting spirit throughout the tournament.  In what was perhaps their ‘best’ game in the tournament (i.e. it ain’t over till the fat lady sings), the Sharks overcame enormous odds to eventually beat the Rock.

Let’s just say that game started out about as well as sour milk in a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Yeah exactly.  Pretty bad.  The Rock scored 5 runs in the first inning.  They had a bunt, a line drive to CF, a walk, a single, and on top of that, the Sharks provided two errors.  Not a good way to start.  The Sharks battled back in the bottom of the first with two runs of their own.  Mia hit a single followed by a sac bunt by Brookie moving Mia to 2nd.  Chelsea singled to CF scoring Mia and then Taco and Taylor singled (eventually scoring Chelsea).

Nothing happened in the second inning.  Both teams were held scoreless.

The top of the 3rd showed the Rock scoring one more run making it now 6-2.  But it was the bottom of the third that showed that it ain’t over till it’s over.  Chelsea was first at bat and had a reach on error to get on first.  Taco also got on base on an error.  Taylor then hit a nice single to CF scoring Chelsea and advancing Taco (score now is 6-3).  Brandi also had a reach on error.  Lindsey hit a line drive single to RF eventually scoring Brandi (score now is 6-5 with two outs).  Anna singled to RF eventually scoring Lindsey.  And in perhaps the best clutch hit of the day, AJ hits a deep line drive double to CF scoring Anna (Sharks now lead 7-6).  Mia had then got on first on an error.  Brookie had a bunt single that scored AJ (Sharks leading 8-6).

And that’s how the game ended.  The start was rougher than an atomic wedgie.  But the end was sweeter than sugar.

The Box Score (from last game to first game)

  • Aftershock over Sharks 7-1
  • Sharks over Wildfire 12-9
  • Dusters over Sharks 7-0
  • Sharks over Wildfire 11-3
  • Sharks over Stingrays Red 6-2
  • Sharks over Rock 8-6
  • Sharks over Bombers 9-2

Hits versus opponent

  • Sharks – Aftershock 6 to 5
  • Sharks – Wildfire 15 to 5
  • Sharks – Dusters 7 to 5
  • Sharks – Wildfire 12 to 6
  • Sharks -  Stingrays Red 10 to 4
  • Sharks – Rock 9 to 5
  • Sharks – Bombers 8 to 1

Sharks NSA States June 2013

Sharks Get Stuck in the Swamp

After a start that was faster than Japanese Bullet Train, the Sharks fizzled to a dead stop and were eliminated in an unsightly fashion by the Coral Springs Panthers in the second elimination game.  It was the first time the Sharks lost to the Panthers-Kramer in their history.  If you watched the Panther’s cheering section, you woulda swore they won the World Series.  Despite the super-fast start against the Diamond Dusters (winning 11-0) and the Lady Gators Orange (16-3), the Sharks went from running like a Cigarette Boat to a Carnival Cruise Ship.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over Dusters 2000 11-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Gators Orange 16-3 (seeding)
  • Sharks tie Stingrays01 1-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Stingrays 3-2 (elimination)
  • Panthers-Kramer over Sharks 3-1 (elimination)

Sharks over Dusters 2000 11-0 (seeding) – In the first game against the Dusters 2000, the Sharks racked up 10 hits (vs 2 for the Dusters).  This is one of those games that you can in essence throw out.  The Dusters 2000 eventually won the tournament and played their best ball the following day.  Some days you catch at team on a bad day and you hit better than Babe Ruth after a meal of beer and hot dogs.  Taylor had a super day on the rubber allowing only 2 hits with 2 Ks.  Brooke, Chelsea, and Sami both provided 2 hits apiece.  Single hits were contributed by Mia, Taco, Taylor and Lindsey.

Sharks over Lady Gators Orange 16-3 (seeding) – The second game was a blow out.  Not much to say really.  The Sharks had 10 hits (to 3 for the Gators).  Taco had the hot bat with 3 hits.  Sami and Taylor each had two.  Mia, Chelsea and AJ had a hit apiece.  Brandi pitched 2 innings allowing no hits while Taco came in to relieve.

Sharks tie Stingrays01 1-1 (seeding) – The Stingrays01 are an intriguing team.  We’ve either had blow out wins against them or very close games (with a close loss).  This was one of those games were the Sharks batters had a hard time locating the ball.  Basically you can summarize the game as follows.  The Sharks had 1 hit from Chelsea and a costly error.  You can’t win many games in that fashion unfortunately.

Sharks over Stingrays 3-2 (elimination) – I guess the gods of seeding wanted us to play the Stingrays01 again.  This was another close one.  Basically, the game was decided on a Taco smash to centerfield scoring both Mia and Brookie.  Now that was a timely hit!

Panthers-Kramer over Sharks 3-1 (elimination) – Despite outhitting the Panthers 5-4, the Sharks couldn’t get runs to score leaving too many on base.  The Coral Springs Panthers-Kramer jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the top of the third. Emma Medina started the rally for the Coral Springs Panthers-Kramer with a single. The lone run of the game for the Sharks crossed the plate in the third inning on a sacrifice fly by Chelsea.

In spite of the poor Shark showing in the 2nd day, there were some cool plays of the day in this Swamp Classic.

SI Plays of the Day

  • The Lindsey/Brookie squeeze play against the Dusters.  (Top Pic)
  • Taco’s running grab at left and throwing the girl out at 2nd for a double play.  Oops.  The umps overturned that call.  I think it was Usain Bolt running the bases apparently. (Middle Pic)
  • Taylors 2 HR blasts in the same game against the Lady Gators. (Bottom Pic)

Brookie bunt 1Brookie bunt 2












Taco catch 1Taco catch 2











Taylors HR blast

Taylor hits HR 2

10 the Hard Way

Mizuno Champs June 2013_2The Sharks came away with the first place trophy at the NSA Mizuno Championship in Ocoee FL!  It is their tenth first place in a dozen tournaments.  They earned, and I mean earned this championship the hard way.  Every game was harder than concrete and a battle to the end.

To digress slightly, hopefully there are at least three of you out there who get my 1970s reference to the classic but bad 70s action flick, ‘Three the Hard Way’ starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, and Jim Kelly.  Check out this incredibly bad fight scene.  It really is a LOL moment.

Okay, enough reminiscing.  Back to softball.  This tournament was supposed to be a two-seeding, double elimination tournament.  But thunder, lightning and a monsoon got in the way on Saturday afternoon.  Luckily, all seeding games were finished.  The second day ended up being a single elimination tournament so as to avoid the possibility of a rain delay.

Oh by the way, did you know that you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a Great White Shark?  Ask Coach Jason.  He got a nice zinger from a thunderbolt as he was touching the metal fence that surrounded the dugout.  I think his hair stood up on end like Don King.  Just kidding; but it woulda been funny if it did.  Actually, lightning scares the bejesus outta me.

Let’s get to the games.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 3-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over the Diamonds00 6-5 (seeding)
  • Sharks over the Diamonds00 4-3 (elimination)
  • Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 4-0 (elimination)
  • Sharks over the Rock 7-2 (Championship)

Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 3-2 (seeding)

The Sharks jumped on Lady County Lady Canes early on its way to a 3-2 win on Saturday in four innings, scoring three runs in the first inning.  It was a good day at the plate for the Sharks’ Taylor. Taylor went 1-2, drove in one and scored one run. She tripled in the first inning.  Brandi had a solid day on the rubber allowing no runs and keeping the Canes batters off-kilter for much of the game.

Sharks over the Diamonds00 6-5 (seeding)

Brandi had a strong game at the plate and in the circle.  She racked up two RBIs on one hit with a double in the first inning.  The Diamonds made a furious comeback after falling behind 6-0.  However, the Sharks held on to a very close win.  Mia had 2 hits while Brooke, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor Sami, Brandi, Anna and Lindsey each had one.  The Sharks outhit the Diamonds 10-5.

Sharks over the Diamonds00 4-3 (elimination)

Taco went 1-2, helping the Sharks to a 4-3 victory over Diamonds00 in the first elimination game.  She doubled in the third inning.  The Diamonds jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in the top of the second with a three run HR by #10.  But the Sharks captured the lead for good in the third, scoring four runs on a two-run double by Taco, a fielder’s choice, and an RBI single by Brookie.  Mia, Taco, Brookie, Brandi and AJ each managed one hit.

Sharks over the Lady County Lady Canes 4-0 (elimination)

This was an odd game in that the Sharks only had 2 innings at-bat.   As the home team, they scored 3 runs in the first and one in the second.  Brandi pitched a one-hitter with three Ks.  Brookie had the hot bat with 2 hits while Mia and Lindsey each got one apiece.

Sharks over the Rock 7-2 (Championship)

The Sharks beat Rock 7-2 Sunday behind the pitching of Brandi and Taylor (came in to relieve).  Taylor reached base two times (a walk and a hit).  The Rock had the lead 2-1 going into the 4th inning.  And it was the 4th inning in which the Sharks had an explosion of offense scoring four runs.  First up, Taylor gets on base on a walk.  Brandi then hits the ball to third and makes it safely to 1st on a fielder’s choice with Taylor safe at 2nd.  Sami then hits a line drive single to left field (Happy Birthday Sami!) which advances Brandi to 2nd and Taylor to 3rd.  Taylor then scores as does Brandi on an error.  Anna gets on base on an error.  Lindsey singles a line drive to centerfield advancing Sami and Anna.  Ultimately, the coup de grace was when Taco hits a fly ball double to centerfield scoring both Mia and Brookie.  In the end, Mia contributed 2 hits while Brookie, Taco, Taylor, Sami and Lindsey each had one. Game Over.  Sharks Win!

ESPN Highlights

  • Taco’s 2 run double to seal the deal in the Championship Game.
  • Brandi’s pitching in each of the five games of the weekend.
  • Taylor’s save in the Championship Game.
  • Mia and Brooke had the hot bats.  They accounted for 38% of all the Hits.



On Any Given Sunday…

The Sharks regularly play at the Briana Marie Cox tournament.  It’s for a good cause and it’s a shame more teams don’t join us for this great local event.  The Sharks actually played ‘near perfect’ ball except for one inning (I’ll get to that later).  You know the old adage, ‘on an given Sunday.’  Yep.  On this Sunday, the Sharks did a Jekyll and Hyde after outscoring their opponents 31 to zero in seeding.  But then again, the only game that you need to win is your last.  And the Sharks came up shorter than a dwarf in the NBA.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over Firestix 10-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Panthers-Kramer 11-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Stingrays01 10-0 (seeding)
  • Stingrays01 over Sharks 9-8 (elimination)


Sharks over Firestix

Taylor threw a perfect game in the Sharks 10-0 victory over the Chobee Firestix-12. No Chobee Firestix-12 batter was able to locate Taylor ‘s pitches during the game. Taylor threw a no-hitter, striking out four batters and walking none. The Sharks managed 6 hits (one apiece from Brooke, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor, Brandi and Anna).  It wasn’t even a remotely close game.

Sharks over Panthers-Kramer

Brandi threw a no-hitter against Panthers-Kramer. The Sharks bats came to life in the fourth inning. Brookie had the hot bat of the tournament going 3 for 3 at the plate.  Both Sami and Chelsea each had 2 hits while Anna and Mia each got one.  Brookie racked up three RBIs on three hits for the Sharks. She singled in the first, second, and fourth innings.

Sharks over Stingrays01

Chelsea racked up three RBIs on one hit for the Sharks with a triple in the second inning. The game was never in doubt after the first inning because they scored four runs on a three-run triple by Sami. The Sharks outhit the Stingrays01 8-4.  Brookie and Mia each got 2 hits while Chelsea, Sami, Anna and AJ each got one.  Despite the blowout score, the following day would lend credence to the notion that on any given day, you can be beat.

Stingrays01 over Sharks

The Sharks lost to the Stingrays01 in three innings despite racking up five hits and eight runs. The Stingrays01 started off the first inning with a barrage of runs (9 total) that were the result of odd hits, good baserunning, and rare errors by the Sharks.  Interestingly, the Sharks were never down for the count and managed a ‘close but not close enough’ comeback and eventually fell short 8-9.  The Miami Stingrays 01 was sparked by #33 and #34 who teamed up for three hits and four RBIs.  The Stingrays01 are a fundamentally sound team and it would have been nice if we could have played just one more inning. Just one more… :-)

Brookie had the hot bat for the Sharks (batted 0.800).

Brookie had the hot bat for the Sharks (batted 0.800).