Ready, Set, Wait…Go Home.

I was about to write a Shark story.  But then a day went by.  And then I got up early again.  I figured I’d start it on day two. Sigh.

Apparently, tournament organizers are unaware that having young teenagers get up at 5am two days in a row is as close to cruel and unusual punishment as you’ll get. Especially when the first day of play was exemplified by ‘READY, SET, WAIT, GO HOME.’    James Madison would be rolling over in his grave. ;-)

And when the Sharks finally got to play on day two, again play was delayed due to ‘field conditions.’  Mind you, everyone knew what the field conditions were like; it would be like jumping into a lake and exclaiming “oh my god, I’m wet.”

Not to mention the fact that half the teams played at least 2 hours of softball before they could even compete in bracket play are at a distinct disadvantage versus teams that were able to sleep in and have their Cheerios in a calm, collected, and vitamin-filled manner.  (Side Bar:  What really was irksome was that the teams that got to play on day 1 were those that had not paid ahead of time; go figure that one out).  If the point of tournaments is to teach young kids how to play softball (and winning is secondary), well then smack me on the back and call me Betty.  We could scrimmage other teams and save our money if we wanted that.  But besides that, the tournament was a smashing success.  And the Obamacare website works like a charm too.  :-)

But anyhooooo…the Sharks played at times with the grace of Mikhail Barishnikov and the power of Mike Tyson, but in the end, the Weston Explosion beat ‘em with real bats while the Sharks’ used wiffle bats.  To say that the Sharks came out in semi-final play flatter than a can of day old Coca Cola would be an understatement.

The first three games the Sharks played were overall B to A+ performances.  But the last game of the day was a solid C- performance.  Yikes.  That stinks.  Forget Harvard.  That’s JUCO material.

Game 1 – Sharks over Dusters Black 2-1

In a rather blasé game, the Sharks eeked out a 2-1 win over the Dusters Black.  Barely out-hitting the Dusters Black 3-2
(hits by Mia, Brandi, and Anna), this game had about as much action as watching a cat litter box.

Game 2 – Sharks over Coral Springs Panthers 9-2

After the pedestrian performance in game 1, the Sharks each took a big swig of Red Bull and came out ready to fly!  Ok.  Not really. However, they did finally start to hit. A five-run explosion in the third inning carried the Sharks a 9-2 win in three innings over the Coral Springs Panthers Taco racked up two RBIs on two hits.  She singled in the first inning and homered in the third inning.  The lead stayed with Sharks after the first, when it scored four runs on an RBI single by Marley (aka Marla, aka Mar Mar)  and a three-run triple by Chelsea. Overall, the Sharks racked up 10 hits. Marley and Taco each led the team with two hits each; one hit was contributed by Mia, Taylor, Brookie, Lindsey, Chelsea and Sami.

Game 3 – Sharks over Pines Thunder 12-0

In what can only be described as a lopsided victory, the Sharks rattled off 11 hits with contributions from virtually the entire team. Three Sharks smacked 2 hits apiece (Chelsea, Anna, and AJ) while a single hit was contributed by Brooke, Taco, Taylor, Lindsey and Brandi.  Pines Thunder managed a grand total of zero hits.  Ouch.

Game 4 – Weston Explosion over the Sharks 9-2

Sami went 2 for 2 at the plate, but the Sharks had their fins handed to them by the Weston Explosion.  Weston outhit the Sharks 12-6 (which is the first time in a long time the Sharks have actually been outhit).  Hand it to Weston.  Gaby pitched a great game keeping the Sharks’ batters off-kilter much of the time.  For the Sharks, Brookie, Chelsea, Lindsey and AJ had one hit apiece.

Sharks ESPN Plays of the Day


Lindsey’s in-the-park HOME RUN!

Mia Veliz’s TRIPLE!

Chelsea hits an over the fence HR







Chelsea blasts an over-the-fence Home Run!

Lindsey HR Coconut Creek tourney Nov 2013







Lindsey rounding 1st on her way to a Home Run!

Mia Triple Coconut creeek Nov 2013







Mia hits a nice TRIPLE.

Sharks Dusters pic Coconut Creek Nov 2013




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