Sharks Fall Short Versus the Dusters at Pines Thundarama

SHARKS DUSTERS Feb 2014The Pines Thundarama tournament showcased several games that were closer than Siamese twins.  Many of the fans in attendance thought that the Stingrays were the odds-on favorite to win inasmuch as they were the oldest team in the tournament.  However, in what can only be described as groundhog day at a softball park, the Sharks and Dusters 2000 ended up in the Championship game with the Dusters edging the Sharks 10-9.  The Sharks played some great ball but in the end, it just wasn’t enough. 

The Box Score

  • Stingrays over Sharks 7-2
  • Sharks over Bandits 15-0
  • Sharks over Sunrise Thunder 10-3
  • Sharks over Stingrays 8-7
  • Dusters 2000 over Sharks 10-9

Stingrays 7, Sharks 2 – Taylor reached base two times in the game scoring one run and had one RBI. She homered in the second inning.  The Miami Stingrays Red was sparked by #15 and #20, who teamed up for four hits and six RBIs.  The Miami Stingrays Red jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first. A single by #15, bringing home #1 started the inning off.  The lead stayed with Miami Stingrays Red after the third, when it scored five runs on a grand slam by #20 and an RBI single by #15.

Sharks 15, Bandits 0 – Taylor threw a no-hitter as the Sharks crushed the Bandits 15-0.  Fifteen runs in the first three innings helped the Sharks blow out the Bandits. A passed ball, a sacrifice fly by Taylor, an RBI double by Lindsey, an RBI single by Marley, an RBI single by Brookie, an RBI single by Sami, and a wild pitch in the first inning help pile on the runs.  Then a two-run error, an RBI single by Lindsey , a passed ball, and an RBI double by Brookie during the second inning supplied more offense.  I was getting dizzy watching the Sharks run around the bases.  Lindsey did especially well as she racked up two RBIs on three hits for the Sharks.  This game was over before it started.

Sharks 10, Sunrise Thunder 3 – The first inning started off with a big bang as the Sharks scored 5 runs which pretty much sealed the deal.  Mia gets a nice outfield hit.  That was followed by  two-run home run by Chelsea, a solo home run by Taco, and a two-run single by Marley  in the first inning.  Two over the fence home runs in the first inning.  Now that’s the epitome of hitting!  The second inning saw an RBI double by Mia and an RBI single by Chelsea.  Chelsea racked up four RBIs on three hits.  The Sharks outhit the Thunder 11-5.  The Sharks outplayed the Thunder on all aspects: hitting, pitching and fielding.

Sharks 8, Stingrays 7 – In a rematch of the seeding game, the Sharks outlasted the Miami Stingrays Red squeaking out a 8-7 win.  The Sharks pulled out the win thanks to a strong fifth inning. Lindsey hit a nice two run double to score Taco and Chelsea.  Game over!  Taylor racked up three RBIs on two hits for the Sharks. She homered in the first inning and singled in the fifth inning.  The Sharks outhit the Stingrays 13-7.  Shazam!

Dusters 10, Sharks 9 – Once again, if you could sell tickets to a softball game, it would be to watch the fireworks between the Sharks versus Diamond Dusters 2000.  In a game reminiscent of a back and forth duel to end, the Dusters overcame a 5 point deficit to win in the last inning of this closely battled championship game.  Both sides made some extraordinary plays on both offense and defense and it is one of those games where the difference between winning and losing is razor-thin.  Hats off to the Dusters for winning the whole shebang.  Playing great teams (like the Dusters 2000 and Florida Fire) will only help the Sharks improve.

ESPN Plays of the Day

The Squeeze Play with Taco at 3rd and Brookie at bat

Lindsey’s running backhanded catch in deep center

Marley’s running grab in left foul territory

Mia’s diving grab at shallow center

Chelsea – HOME RUN


Taylor – HOME RUNS!

Sharks MVP of the Tournament

Taylor Cochrane – 2 over the fence HOME RUNS!  She hit the stank outta that ball!

Taylor HR vs Stingrays 2014



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