Sharks Get Bucked Up by the Storm

Yeah I know.  It sounds like a really bad B movie that you’d only find at one of those 1970s drive-ins where the speakers you hook to your window have the sound quality of a Jack-in-the-Box drive thru.  Nonetheless, the NSA Memorial Weekend tournament at Ormond Beach was a bit of Jekyll and Hyde.  On the one hand, the Sharks probably played their worst defense in years and still managed to win 4 games, tie one, and lose one (the Championship game unfortunately).  On the bright side, they ran bases like Ricky Henderson (MLB stolen bases all-time leader), had some very timely/GO GET MY BALL HITS (see pics), and pitched solidly.  And it was the 11th Championship game this year that the Sharks have made it to (9 first places, 2 second places).  But the defense had more holes than Swiss Cheese.  Sigh.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over Lady County Lady Canes 3-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks tied Rock 3-3 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Bucked Up 8-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady County Lady Canes 6-3 (elimination)
  • Sharks over Inferno 7-3 (elimination)
  • Jacksonville Storm 2000 over the Sharks 10-0 (Championship)

Seeding game #1 – Sharks over Lady County Lady Canes 3-1 

Brookie went 3-3 at the plate to help lead the Sharks over the Canes.   She singled in the first, third, and fourth innings.  Sami was the only other Shark to get hits (2 of them).  Brandi baffled the Canes, striking out nine batters. The Canes managed to score one run in the second inning on a passed ball.  The Sharks never surrendered the lead after the third inning, scoring three runs on a groundout by Taco, an RBI single by Sami and a wild pitch.

Seeding game #2 – Sharks tied Rock 3-3 

The Rock and the Sharks played to a 3-3 tie.  This was quite the frustrating game.  The Sharks had the game ‘won;’ however, errors by the Sharks allowed the Rock to catch up and tie the game. The game was scoreless until the Sharks broke the ice with two runs in the fourth.  They scored on an RBI single by Sami and a steal of home by Brandi.  The only other hits were provided by Taco and Brandi (one each).  Taylor pitched a solid game with 6 Ks.

Seeding game #3 – Sharks over Bucked Up 8-1

Can you believe someone named a softball team ‘Bucked Up?’  Yeah, me neither.  I guess picking a cool animal like a Lion, Tiger or Bear (oh my) wasn’t good enough. Heck, pick a natural disaster like Hurricane, Storm, Tornado, heck…something.  A five-run explosion in the second inning lifted the Sharks to an 8-1 win in five innings over Bucked Up. Lindsey got on base two times; she scored two runs and had one RBI. She also tripled in the third inning.  The Sharks finally got their bats going with 7 hits in the game.  Mia had two while one each was provided by Taylor, Taco, Brandi,  Anna, and Lindsey.

Elimination game #1 – Sharks over Lady County Lady Canes 6-3

Taco went 2-2 and hit a home run, sparking the Sharks to a 6-3 victory in four innings over Lady County Lady Canes on Sunday at Ormond Beach.  Taco’s home run went waaaaay over the fence!  She singled in the second inning and homered in the third inning.  The Sharks had an amazing offensive outburst with 10 hits.  Two each by Taco, Brandi and Anna and one each by Brooke, Taylor, Sami and Lindsey.

Elimination game #2 – Sharks over Inferno 7-3 

Anna had another good game of hitting going 2 for 2.  She singled in the second and third innings.   Taylor and Brandi also contributed 2 hits apiece.  The Inferno managed just two hits the entire game. The game’s last lead went to the Sharks thanks to a second inning rally that saw three runs cross the plate on an error, a groundout by AJ and a steal of home by Lindsey. One run in the top of the third helped Inferno close its deficit to 3-1. It didn’t take long for the Sharks to respond as it scored two runs of its own in the third.  The Sharks also tacked on another two runs in the fourth. Taylor doubled, plating Brookie to start the inning. That was followed up by Brandi’s double, scoring Taylor.

Jacksonville Storm 2000 over the Sharks 10-0 (Championship)

Last year we had a very lopsided loss against the Coral Springs Panthers (99 team) that ended in an ignominious defeat of 10-0.  I guess each year, there is that game or two in which the team suffers a Chernobyl-like meltdown. Let’s hope this is the only game of the season in which this occurs.  There were a few bright spots for the Sharks.  Lindsey and Taco each had a hit.  And up until the third inning, the score was tied (until an error by our infield).  After that, the 4th inning was perhaps the worst inning in Sharks history.  What could go wrong, went wrong.  And hence, a 10-0 shellacking of the Sharks by the Storm.   We look forward to seeing the Storm again.  They’re an awesome team that deserved this tournament win.

Bizarre Plays of the Day

Bizarre Play #1 – In the Storm vs Sharks game, there was a play that was a ‘non-call’ by the umps that left me scratching my head like a mountain gorilla with a tick stuck in its head.  With the Storm up to bat (and if I recall, runners on 1st and 2nd base), the Storm batter hits the ball between 1st and 2nd.  The Storm base runner who was on 1st literally kicked the ball.  Heck, she could have been playing soccer for all we know.  Simultaneously, Coaches Jason and Kevin (and I) exclaimed “she kicked the ball!”  But for a reason that is as mysterious as those emails from Nigeria promising millions of dollars in your bank account, neither ump witnessed the kick.  Incredulously, the ump explained that “if the ball gets past the fielder, then it’s okay to kick the ball.”’  Yes.  Can you frickin’ believe that?  So I guess if she kicked in to centerfield, then we shoulda put our hands up and yelled ‘extra point!’ Woo hoo!  Geez.

Bizarre Play #2 – With Brookie on first base, she got called for leaving the base too early (forget which game).  Interestingly, it was another NSA tournament in which Brookie got called for ‘leaning too early’ (she was on first base again).  For those of you who may not know Brookie, remember that the chances of her leaving a base too early are about as good as finding a Parisian runway model at a Weight Watchers meeting.  I guess these NSA umps aren’t used to seeing a sprinter start and someone run that fast.  Remember, the blink of an eye (0.4 seconds) is typically slower than the reaction time of a fast athlete (0.2 seconds).  And sometimes, games are won or lost at the blink of an eye.  Perhaps some of these umps need to visit LensCrafter.


Overall, the Sharks did well in most aspects of the game.  Hits were contributed by virtually everyone (Brandi had 6 hits; Taco, Anna, Sami, and Brookie had 5 hits; Lindsey and Taylor had 4 hits; and Mia had 2 hits).  Girls were able to play multiple positions.  Mia did a fine job catching.  Though unless she makes a mean face, I’m not sure she’ll scare anyone back there :-)

ESPN Play of the Day

  • Taco’s GO GET MY BALL SMASH waaaay over the fence Home Run!

Honorable Mention

  • Mia’s attempt at “sliding” into home against a catcher that outweighed her by about the size of a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig.
  • Taylor fields a ball at centerfield and throws the runner out at first! Egads.  Awesome throw!  It makes you wonder if other teams realize that softball is a game of SPEED :-)
Taco hits a HR!

Taco hits a HR!












It's a bird, it's a it's Taco's HR ball!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Taco’s HR ball!












Mia versus a much larger catcher.  Ouch!

Mia versus a much larger catcher. Ouch!

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