Sharks Get Stuck in the Swamp

After a start that was faster than Japanese Bullet Train, the Sharks fizzled to a dead stop and were eliminated in an unsightly fashion by the Coral Springs Panthers in the second elimination game.  It was the first time the Sharks lost to the Panthers-Kramer in their history.  If you watched the Panther’s cheering section, you woulda swore they won the World Series.  Despite the super-fast start against the Diamond Dusters (winning 11-0) and the Lady Gators Orange (16-3), the Sharks went from running like a Cigarette Boat to a Carnival Cruise Ship.

The Box Score

  • Sharks over Dusters 2000 11-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Gators Orange 16-3 (seeding)
  • Sharks tie Stingrays01 1-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Stingrays 3-2 (elimination)
  • Panthers-Kramer over Sharks 3-1 (elimination)

Sharks over Dusters 2000 11-0 (seeding) – In the first game against the Dusters 2000, the Sharks racked up 10 hits (vs 2 for the Dusters).  This is one of those games that you can in essence throw out.  The Dusters 2000 eventually won the tournament and played their best ball the following day.  Some days you catch at team on a bad day and you hit better than Babe Ruth after a meal of beer and hot dogs.  Taylor had a super day on the rubber allowing only 2 hits with 2 Ks.  Brooke, Chelsea, and Sami both provided 2 hits apiece.  Single hits were contributed by Mia, Taco, Taylor and Lindsey.

Sharks over Lady Gators Orange 16-3 (seeding) – The second game was a blow out.  Not much to say really.  The Sharks had 10 hits (to 3 for the Gators).  Taco had the hot bat with 3 hits.  Sami and Taylor each had two.  Mia, Chelsea and AJ had a hit apiece.  Brandi pitched 2 innings allowing no hits while Taco came in to relieve.

Sharks tie Stingrays01 1-1 (seeding) – The Stingrays01 are an intriguing team.  We’ve either had blow out wins against them or very close games (with a close loss).  This was one of those games were the Sharks batters had a hard time locating the ball.  Basically you can summarize the game as follows.  The Sharks had 1 hit from Chelsea and a costly error.  You can’t win many games in that fashion unfortunately.

Sharks over Stingrays 3-2 (elimination) – I guess the gods of seeding wanted us to play the Stingrays01 again.  This was another close one.  Basically, the game was decided on a Taco smash to centerfield scoring both Mia and Brookie.  Now that was a timely hit!

Panthers-Kramer over Sharks 3-1 (elimination) – Despite outhitting the Panthers 5-4, the Sharks couldn’t get runs to score leaving too many on base.  The Coral Springs Panthers-Kramer jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the top of the third. Emma Medina started the rally for the Coral Springs Panthers-Kramer with a single. The lone run of the game for the Sharks crossed the plate in the third inning on a sacrifice fly by Chelsea.

In spite of the poor Shark showing in the 2nd day, there were some cool plays of the day in this Swamp Classic.

SI Plays of the Day

  • The Lindsey/Brookie squeeze play against the Dusters.  (Top Pic)
  • Taco’s running grab at left and throwing the girl out at 2nd for a double play.  Oops.  The umps overturned that call.  I think it was Usain Bolt running the bases apparently. (Middle Pic)
  • Taylors 2 HR blasts in the same game against the Lady Gators. (Bottom Pic)

Brookie bunt 1Brookie bunt 2












Taco catch 1Taco catch 2











Taylors HR blast

Taylor hits HR 2

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