Sharks Repeat as Champions in the Weston November Knockout Tournament

Nov KO 2013 Champions repeatThe Deerfield Beach Sharks repeated as Champions at the Weston November Knockout tournament this past weekend.  The Sharks started off this tournament with an embarrassing display of lackluster softball getting their tails handed to them by the Weston Explosion.  To say they played bad would be an insult to bad.  On top of that, birds were dropping bombs on players, parents and coaches.  A sign from above perhaps?  What’s the saying?  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Well in our case, “bird sh@# on your pants is worth a tournament win.”  I know.  It doesn’t really fit.  Nice try anyway.  :-)

Nonetheless, after a disastrous start giving up 7 runs to the Weston Explosion, the Sharks ran the table to win the next five games with a combined score of 35-5.  Now that my friends, is the Shark ball we’re used to seeing.  That’s right.  The Sharks gave up more runs in the first game then in the last 5 games combined.

Day 1 (seeding)

After a dismal first game, the Sharks came back with a dominating win over the Lady Bandits 8-2.  The Sharks had 10 hits with Marley (3 hits) and Chelsea (2 hits) leading the charge.  The second seeding game was an even better display of Shark ball.  The Mizuno Edge, who had previously knocked the Sharks out of the Disney USSSA World Series this past July, came more than ready to play.  They even skipped the coin flip and gave us the ‘home’ team.  Brandi pitched a few balls here, a few strikes here, and ended up with 7 Ks.  The exclamation mark of the game came at the bottom of the first.  Brookie got on base with a picture perfect bunt; actually it was a big-a@# swing that ended up as a bunt.  Either way, we’ll take it.  Taco hit a hard ground ball that was bobbled by the 2nd baseman moving Brookie to 2nd and getting Taco to 1st.  Chelsea had a nice fly ball single to CF, thus, loading the bases.  With Taylor up, bases loaded, this is every pitcher’s nightmare and batter’s dream.  Taylor, who had been in a slump over the past few tournaments, shook off the cobwebs and said to herself, “I’m gonna beat that ball like Mike Tyson beats a punching bag.”  Ok, she really didn’t say that.  Heck, I have no clue what teenage girls say to themselves.  Nor do I want to know.  Anyhow, her at-bat didn’t start off well.  It went like this: Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Strike looking.  Yikes!  That’s five pitches and she’s moved her bat about as much as a Sumo wrestler does cardio.  Here’s what subsequently happened as announced by a color commentator via ESPN:  “The score is 1-0 in favor of Mizuno.  And we have a full count.  Mizuno’s #9 ace better be careful.  With bases loaded, here comes the pitch.  It’s down and low.  Taylor hits it solid.  It’s going to centerfield.  It looks at least like a double.  Wait. No. No.  Yes! Yes!  It’s a GRAND SLAM! Denny’s would be proud! Grand Slam! Taylor T-Bone Cochrane of the Deerfield Beach Sharks just blasted that ball over the fence!  The Sharks take a 4-1 lead! Wow.  What a hit.”  After that it was Good Night Irene.

Day 2 (bracket play)

The Sharks started off bracket play with a win against the Lady Bandits 4-1.  It was a little sluggish for the Sharks.  The score didn’t reflect the 9 hits that the Sharks got.  Nevertheless, the win brought them one step closer to a showdown with Weston Explosion.  Weston had beaten the Sharks the last two times they had played.  Would this be the Sharks’ day?  Or would Weston serve the Sharks on a platter?

The way this game ended was as unusual and unexpected as finding a “I’m a vegan and proud of it” bumper sticker on a Ford F-150 pick up truck in Texas.  As the ‘away’ team, the Sharks’ bats were as a aggressive as a mama Grizzly bear.  With doubles by Chelsea, Lindsey, and Sami, and a single by Taylor, the Sharks racked up 5 runs in the first inning alone.  In the 2nd inning, singles by Marley, Taco, Chelsea, Taylor, and Lindsey helped kick to score to 9-0.  Brandi had only 24 pitches in the two innings of play.  Only six Weston players had a plate appearance.  The game ended in an odd fashion with Weston calling a ‘no mas, no mas.’  I guess that’s better than getting your ear chewed off.  (Side bar: If any Millennial or Generation Y kid gets the ‘no mas’ or ear being chewed off reference, I’ll buy ‘em a iPhone). jk :-)

And in the Championship game, the Sharks pulled off a close win over Dusters Black 5-1.  It was a close game that was tied 1-1 going into the 5th inning.  The Sharks scored 4 runs in the last 2 innings to sign, seal and deliver this win.  Two hits each by Marley and Taylor as well as a hit apiece by Chelsea, Mia, and Jamie was just enough to put the Sharks over the top.

Congrats to the Sharks for a hard fought tournament win!  Anna, Brookie, Marley, Chelsea, Taco, Taylor, Lindsey, Sami, Jamie, Brandi, and Munchie. AJ was with us in spirit.

The Box Score

  • Weston over the Sharks 7-3 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 8-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Mizuno Edge 9-1 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 4-1 (bracket play)
  • Sharks over Weston 9-0 (bracket play)
  • Sharks over Dusters Black 5-1 (Championship)

ESPN Players of the Tournament!

  • Taylor hit .571 with 7 RBIs which she signed, sealed and delivered with a Denny’s GRAND SLAM over the fence versus the Mizuno Edge.
  • Brandi’s resplendent performance on the rubber with 6 Ks in the Championship game.

Honorable Mention

Marley Felder and Chelsea Brown delivered 7 hits for the tournament

Plays of the Day

  • GRAND SLAM BABY – courtesy of Taylor
  • Throw from centerfielder Lindsey Garcia to Jamie Greenwood (catcher) to get the runner out at home plate.  And Lindsey’s backhanded catch at 2nd base.
  • Marley Felder’s outstanding catches at left field.
  • Taco’s diving grab at 1st base.

Taylors GRAND SLAM vs  Mizuno Nov KO 2013







Taylor’s GRAND SLAM!

Brandi pitching in Nov KO tourney 2013










Brandi had a great day on the rubber

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