Sharks win six in a row to capture the Grab the Bats tourney in Ft Myers

There was no going home early to mow the lawn as the Sharks outscored their rivals 57-15 and outhit them 50-15 to capture the GRAB THE BATS tournament in Ft Myers.  After what can only be described as lackluster ball from the Sharks in the previous two tournaments, the Sharks showed with conviction just how dominating they can be when Jupiter aligns with Mars.  They had some beautiful hits, stellar pitching, and at times, some graceful fielding.  Heck, their bats had more action than Lady Gaga’s make-up artist.  Despite the somewhat lopsided scores, this was perhaps the most difficult tournament they’ve competed in all season.  With contributions from literally every Shark, this truly was a team effort all around.  With Taylor and Brandi sharing pitching duties over the last four games and the rest of the team getting timely hits, the Sharks played some darn good ball I must say.  They managed to overcome a few hiccups here and there, but in the end, the Sharks prevailed.Sharks win Grab the Bats 2014 April

Side Bar – Visit to FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Many thanks to the FGCU softball team and their head coach David Deiros for giving us a tour of the facilities and sitting down with the Sharks, Fire, Edge and Bomb Squad to discuss college softball.  In a nutshell, he said if you want to be seen/noticed by college softball coaches, do one simple thing: WIN.  If your team wins, college coaches will notice.  If they lose, then your chances of getting noticed by college coaches are about as good as Miley Cyrus winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Also, be prepared to play any position the coach deems is best to help the team.   If you have a favorite position now, it’s probably a good idea to eliminate that fantasy.  Another interesting point he made (and I paraphrase) is that Showcase tournaments are not a good way to judge softball talent.  Oddly enough, we’ve heard other college coaches say this.  Showcase tournaments are money-makers for the organizers; but they remove the competitive element of softball.  That’s sorta like racing in the Kentucky Derby with everyone getting the first place trophy.

The Box Score


  • Sharks over Florida Premier Fastpitch 9-5
  • Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2000 9-1
  • Sharks over Ft Myers Force-Green 14-0

Bracket Play

  • Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2000 4-2
  • Sharks over Miami Stingrays Red 9-5
  • Sharks over Florida Fire 12-2 (Championship game)


Sharks over Florida Premier Fastpitch 9-5 - The Sharks squeaked by with a 9-5 win over the Florida Premier Fastpitch.  They pulled out the win thanks to a strong fourth inning. They went up for good on an RBI single by Taco off scoring Anna Knight.  Taco racked up four RBIs on two hits.  In fact, she had an over the fence HR blast that scored Mia and Chelsea!  Overall, the Sharks had 7 hits (Mia and Taylor each had two and Sami had one).  This was a hard fought win.

Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2000 9-1 - Mizuno Edge is one of the very best teams in Florida and our games with them are always a back-and-forth affair.  This time, the Sharks beat the Mizuno Edge 2000 9-1 in five innings with an exclamation mark coming after a five-run explosion in the fourth inning.  They scored in the fourth on an RBI single by Taco, a passed ball, a fielder’s choice, and a groundout by Brandi.  Taco had the hot bat for Deerfield Beach Sharks; she went 2-3, drove in one and scored two runs. Mizuno Edge 2000′s lineup had no answer for Taylor. Mizuno Edge 2000 managed just one hit off of Cochrane.  The Sharks never trailed after scoring one run in the second on an RBI single by Anna.  The Sharks added three more runs in the bottom of the third. Sami  singled, scoring Chelsea and Jordyn to start the inning. That was followed up by Brandi’s double, scoring Sami.

Sharks over Ft Myers Force-Green 14-0 - This was a total domination by the Sharks who outhit the Force 11 to 1.  Mia lead the Sharks with 3 hits, Taco and Brandi each got 2 hits, while Chelsea, Sami, Brookie and Anna each got 1 hit.

Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2000 4-2 - Two pitchers combined to beat the Edge in a 4-2 victory in four innings.  This was a razor-thin close ballgame. Brandi held Mizuno Edge 2000 hitless over three innings while allowing no earned runs.  Brandi also went 2-2 and scored two runs. She doubled in the second inning and singled in the third inning. The top of the first saw Mizuno Edge 2000 take an early lead, 1-0.  However, the game’s last lead went to the Sharks thanks to a second inning rally that saw three runs cross the plate on an RBI single by Chelsea and an RBI triple by Munchie.

Sharks over Miami Stingrays Red 9-5 - Eight first-inning runs helped the Sharks to a 9-5 win over Miami Stingrays Red.  They scored in the first on an RBI single by Taco, a fielder’s choice, a two-run single by Brookie, a two-run single by Anna, and a two-run single by Chelsea. Chelsea racked up two RBIs on two hits.  The Stingrays Red managed just one hit off of Brandi, who allowed no earned runs, walked one and struck out two during her 3 innings of work.  In addition to Chelsea, Taco and Taylor each had 2 hits while Brookie and Anna each had one hit.

Sharks over Florida Fire 12-2 (Championship game) - The Sharks took down the Florida Fire 12-2 on Sunday after a flurry of seven runs in the third inning.  The Sharks scored in the third on an RBI single by Brandi, an RBI single by Brookie, a groundout by Marley, a two-run single by Chelsea, a passed ball, and an RBI single by Taco.  That my friends is teamwork. Brookie racked up three RBIs on three hits.  The Fire had previously defeated the Sharks and are considered one of the very best teams in Florida.  Hats off to them and their great organization.  We have the utmost respect for that team.  But today was our day.

Congratulations on a hard fought tournament win.


ESPN Highlights of the Tournament

This tournament win was the epitome of a team victory.  Everybody contributed.

Outstanding Player of the Tournament

  • Brooke Antonio – during bracket play, led the team in AVG (0.833), OBP (1.000) and RBIs (5).

Highlights of the Tournament

  • Taco had a three-run homer over the fence versus Florida Premier Fastpitch. You ain’t gettin’ that ball!
  • Taylor and Brandi shared pitching duties in the last four games vs Force, Mizuno Edge, Stingrays and Fire
  • Taylor pitched a gem against the Edge in seeding play (allowing only one hit)
  • Anna’s bat came to life with 5 hits in the tournament and a stand up triple.
  • Marley making her stellar outfield plays and nice hitting (unfortunately the other team seemed to like catching her hits)
  • Mia (0.467) and Brandi (0.462) with great hitting.
  • Chelsea getting walked 5 times!  Will someone pitch to her please?
  • Sami being the ultimate team player as she hobbled to 1st base in obvious pain.
  • AJ was with us in spirit.  We gave her updates as the tourney progressed.
Brookie had an outstanding day at the plate getting on base every time during bracket play.

Brookie had an outstanding day at the plate getting on base every time during bracket play.

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