Snowball Fun in the Sunshine State

Kinda odd that the last tournament of the year, the Snowball, was played in 80 degree weather.  Actually, it’s not odd, it’s Florida!  So for you sorry souls who live in the dreariness of Seattle, Chicago, or Cleveland, we’ll enjoy the weather for you.  :-)

First of all, Mele Kalikimaka from the Deerfield Beach Sharks!

Team pic Dec 2013

The Box Score of the Snowball Tournament in Weston

  • Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2-0
  • Sharks over Crush  6-2
  • Sharks over Boca Impact  15-0
  • Crush over Sharks  6-4
  • Sharks over Weston Black  9-2
  • Sharks over Pines Thunder Black 11-1
  • Mizuno Edge over Sharks 8-6

In the last weekend of tournament play, the Sharks battled it out with the Mizuno Edge and Crush teams twice.  The Sharks beat them both respectively in seeding play, but when it mattered most (bracket play), the Sharks lost close games to both.  Overall, the Sharks hitting and pitching were on the money.  The Sharks defense was solid for most of the tournament but at times had more holes than Swiss cheese.

Sharks over Mizuno Edge 2-0

The Sharks beat Mizuno Edge 2000 2-0 in five innings at the Snowball tournament behind Lindsey, who went 1-2. She doubled in the second inning.  Brandi kept Mizuno Edge 2000 off the scoreboard for all five innings she was on the hill. She pitched a shutout, allowing no opposing players to cross the plate on two hits while ringing up six.  The Sharks never surrendered the lead after the second inning, scoring one run on an RBI single by Brandi.

Sharks over Crush 6-2

Crush-Brodie put several runners in scoring position, but the Sharks capitalized on more RBI opportunities, pulling out a 6-2 win at Snowball.  Crush had eight hits to the Sharks seven, but Crush stranded seven runners on base. After the second inning, the Sharks scored two runs on a groundout by Mia and an RBI single by Brandi.  The Sharks scored four more runs in the top of the sixth. The inning looked promising, as Chelsea doubled, bringing home Marley and Anna to kick things off. Two runs in the bottom of the sixth helped Crush close its deficit to 6-2.

Sharks over Boca Impact 15-0

I’m not sure what to say about this game.  I think the girls got tired running around the bases. ;-)

Crush over Sharks 6-4

The Sharks grabbed the early lead, 2-0 after a single by Brandi.  Then Sami doubled, bringing home Brandi and Brooke.  However, Crush went up for good in the third, scoring four runs on two singles.  After posting one run in the third, the Sharks again scored one in the fourth; however, it was too little too late.

Sharks over Weston Black 9-2

The Sharks beat the Weston Explosion 9-2 after pouring on six runs in the third inning. Mia racked up two RBIs on two hits. She singled in the second and third innings. The game was sealed after the second, as the Sharks scored three runs on a fielder’s choice, a sacrifice fly by Jamie, and an RBI single by Mia.

Sharks over Pines Thunder 11-1

The Sharks dominated the Pines Thunder 11-1 after a seven run stretch in the third inning.  Mia had another stellar game going 2-2, driving in one and scoring two runs. She singled in the second inning and tripled in the third inning.  I’m not how sure that little body hit the ball that far.  That’s as mysterious as Stonehenge.

Mizuno Edge over Sharks 8-6

Sami went 1-2 and hit a home run, but the Sharks still fell to Mizuno Edge 2000 8-6 in five innings.  Two of the Sharks runs were scored thanks to timely hitting by Sami. She homered in the fourth inning.  Mizuno Edge 2000 was sparked by #9 and #5 who teamed up for five hits and five RBIs.  The bottom of the first saw the Sharks take an early lead, 5-0. However, a slew of errors by the Sharks allowed Mizuno to re-take the lead and seal the win.  Eventually, Mizuno won the tournament by beating Crush Brodie twice (same score of 5-4) in the Championship game.  Congrats Mizuno.

The ESPN Plays and Highlights of the Day

  • Sami’s over the fence GO GET MY BALL HOME RUN – her first ever
  • Marley’s MLB-like running grab of a fly ball in deep left-center
  • Honorable Mention:  Mia hitting some mini-bombs to the outfield.  (“I feel like Chelsea” she exclaimed!).  Lindsey’s outfield play in left field.  Brandi holding Mizuno scoreless in seeding play.
Sami is all smiles after her big fat HOME RUN!

Sami is all smiles after her big fat HOME RUN!

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