The Third….errr…the Fourth Times a Charm as the Sharks Win the Santa Slam 4 Years in a Row

The Box Score

  • Sharks over the Cruisers Green 7-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Weston Red-White-Blue 18-0 (seeding)
  • Sharks tied Dusters Black 2-2 (seeding)
  • Sharks over Wellington Wild 6-0 (bracket)
  • Sharks over Lady Bandits 13-1 (bracket)
  • Sharks over Coral Springs Panthers 11-0 (Championship game)

The Deerfield Sharks had one of their very best tournament outings outscoring their opponents 57-3.  Tournament director Stephen Schiller had mentioned last year how only three teams in the history of the Santa Slam tournament had three-peated.  Well Mr Sharks team Santa Slam 2013Schiller, you can re-write the history books on the Santa Slam and put the Sharks as the only team to win it four times in a row.  Let’s face it; winning any tournament is difficult.  Winning it four years in a row is as difficult as finding a pic of Miley Cyrus where we don’t see her tongue.  All I know is she needs an Orabrush tongue cleaner.  What is that white stuff anyway?  Ewww…

Sharks over Cruisers Green 7-0

In the first seeding game, Brandi threw a no-hitter as the Sharks dominated the Cruisers 7-0.  The second inning was huge for the Sharks.  They scored four runs and then added three more in the third.

Sharks over Weston 18-0

The Sharks scored a touchdown and three field goals to win this football game.  Ooops, wrong sport.  In perhaps the most lopsided victory in Sharks’ history, the Sharks had 16 hits (to one for Weston) and scored 13 runs in the first inning alone.  Now I know this team was billed as the Weston Red.  However, with several Weston Black players on the team, they should be called Weston Maroon.  I think that’s what you get when you combine black and red.  Hey, I’m no artist.  Anyhow, six Sharks had two hits apiece (Marley, Taco, Chelsea, Sami, Brandi, and Jamie).  The play that stands out the most was an unfortunate one for the Weston pitcher.  Up the middle, down the middle.  This is why you don’t throw the ball over the plate.  Brandi smacked a line drive right into the rib of the Weston pitcher.  The ball came so fast that the pitcher didn’t have time to react to it.  We could hear the ‘thud’ of impact in the dugout.  That had to hurt a lot.  We hope she is okay.

Sharks tied Dusters Black 2-2

This game was actually stopped due to weather ending in a rather boring 2-2 tie.

Sharks over Wellington Wild 6-0

The Sharks beat Wellington Wild 6-0 in four innings after a five-run explosion in the third inning. Marley went 2-2, drove in one and scored two runs. She doubled in the first inning and singled in the third inning. Brandi kept the Wellington Wild off the scoreboard for all four innings she was on the rubber. She pitched a shutout, allowing no runs on three hits while striking out two.  The Sharks went up for good in the first, scoring one run on a sac fly by Taco.

Sharks over Lady Bandits 13-1

After a minor hiccup in the first inning, the Sharks rattled off 7 runs in the first, 2 in the second and 4 runs in the third inning to thrash the Lady Bandits.  Taylor kept the Bandits off-kilter while the Sharks’ batters played piñata with the softball.  The Sharks managed 11 hits off the Bandits.  The Sharks and Bandits have faced off five times this Fall.  The collective score from those five games is 52-6.

Sharks over the Panthers 11-0

This game was actually a 0-0 ballgame after 2 innings.  But it was the third inning in which the Sharks demonstrated just how quickly they can rack up the runs.  Chelsea and Lindsey led the way with 3 and 2 hits, respectively.  This was the fourth shut-out the Sharks recorded over the Santa Slam weekend.

ESPN Plays of the Day

  • Chelsea and Taco both had GO GET MY BALL HOME RUNS!
  • The Sharks collective batting average was 0.531 for the tournament.
  • AJ had a nice timely hit to centerfield with bases loaded against the Cruisers

AJ hits







Nice hit AJ!






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