Thunda-Rama Win

The Sharks celebrate their first tournament win in 2011

In the 1st official tourney of the 2011 Spring Season, the Deerfield Beach Sharks pulled off a squeaker against the up-and-coming Gold Coast Hurricanes to win the Pines Thunda-Rama tournament!  Over the course of the weekend, the Sharks scored 52 runs and allowed just 5.  The scores of each game were as follows:

  • Sharks vs Coral Springs Panthers-Kramer – 13-0 (Seeding)
  • Sharks vs Gold Coast Hurricans – 3-2 (Seeding)
  • Sharks vs Diamond Dusters Next Generation – 14-2 (Seeding)
  • Sharks vs Coral Springs Panthers – Kramer – 19-0 (Elimination game)
  • Sharks vs Gold Coast Hurricanes – 3-1 (Championship game)

The Shark’s two games versus the Hurricanes were nip and tuck.  With two very good pitchers on opposing sides, we knew that a team effort was needed to pull this off.  In the championship game, the gamechanger was when Taco (aka Jordyn) hit the ball deep into the outfield; the ball bounced and hit the fence.  Taco had a triple while getting two RBIs.  Future games against the Hurricanes will be closely fought battles.  The rivalries the Sharks have with the Dusters, Wildcats and now the Hurricanes will make everyone a better player.

However, throughout the weekend, everyone contributed to the team’s success. 

Here are the ESPN highlights of the tournament:

  • Jordyn’s monster triple to center field against the Hurricanes, with a 2 run RBI.
  • Gaby’s nice hit against the Hurricanes (eventually she scored the winning run in the Championship game).
  • Maegan’s hit to knock in the winning run scored by Gaby in a seeding game against the Hurricanes in the 1st seeding game.
  • Betty (aka Tiffany) doing a superb job as the starting catcher in the Championship game; she was awarded the game’s MVP.
  • Brooke had 9 hits in the five games played.
  • Mia’s nice shot in the gap between SS and third base.
  • Amy with 6 RBIs over the weekend as well as a triple.
  • Sami had 6 hits and 9 RBIs over the weekend.
  • Brandi’s solid pitching throughout the weekend with 23 strikeouts.
  • Karissa made a nice outfield catch at right.

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